Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Happy Birthday!!

I found this previous post, from my Dad's birthday it would have been 2009; and he went back to heaven 3 years after this post in 2012 - 4 days after his 82nd birthday.  I just can't believe it's been 6 years.  I still miss him so much ♥
I don't think I would change anything about this post... it was a great compilation of memories to recall. 
It would be his 88th birthday!
I will add this pics I did from a snapshot of old home movies (I couldn't watch them for years, so I am super happy I can now and rejoice rather than wallow in pain... time does heal).
 I couldn't add his pic, without one of my Mom in the same videos.
It was when they were dating... I just love seeing them so happy and in Love ♥
So here is the older post, from a previous blog...
Happy Birthday Cliff!
Today is my Dad's birthday "79"!
Wow! That sounds like an old man, but he really doesn't have an old man's spirit. He still seems the same way he was when I was 18.
Things I really love about my Dad.
He likes to tease and have fun with everyone, even our pets (okay this was an acquired taste, I didn't always love it).
He used to pay me a quarter to be quiet on car rides.
He taught me how to be independent and especially how to drive in new places and not be afraid.
He knows what he likes and doesn't waver or give in, even when I beg.
He has 5 sisters and 1 brother.
He always claimed he hated cats, but brought a stray home from work that I had been nurturing and really really wanted. She had her kittens in his closet.
He taught me the importance of being a "smooth" driver, so everyone in the car was comfortable and it was easier on the car.
We gave our son his name.
(Jasper Clifford > Jacob Jasper)
He can admit when he is wrong.
He is honest and has loads of integrity!!!!!
He let me bring all my dogs to stay with him... even though he isn't a fan of dogs. I think he even learned to like the "obedient" one (as he called her... Morgan).
He loves my son, bigger and more than life... it's the sweetest thing and makes my heart grow 4 sizes bigger to watch them together.
He gives everyone a nickname.
Mine was Bethaleen (I have heard worse, so I won't complain)
He hasn't called me that for a long time.
He is a great driver.
He used to use me as an example (of what not to do) in front of co-workers to get them to work harder (it made me so mad); but then I would find candy bars hidden in my desk.
He has his own way of saying "I'm sorry" and "thank you"and "I love you".
He gets hooked on something he likes to eat or drink and stocks up on it. A few "kicks" I can remember were...
chocolate pudding
Pepsi Light (with lemon)
and most recently Tuscan Tomato soup from Safeway. (so funny)
He claims from all the years he drove truck, he has backed up more miles than I have driven forward. He knows about how many miles he has driven in his lifetime. He has a few million miler belt buckles given to him from Kenworth.
He used to sing in the kitchen, it would start out as a real song, but then he would make up his own words. I haven't heard him do that for a long time.
I have never seen him cry, but I have heard tears in his heart a couple of times.
He is a Mason and has a very strong testimony of God, but doesn't share it with many.
He is deaf in one ear, but has an incredible knack for hearing and recognizing certain sounds out of the other... like the kind of engine under the hood of a truck while driving down the road.
He has taught me how to be a better mother and wife, and I love him and cherish all the fun times we have had together! Sorry I was a rotten disrespectful, unappreciative teenager.
Happy Birthday Papa!!!

Friday, September 8, 2017

♥ There's this boy who stole my heart... he calls me Memaw ♥

It's a bitter/sweet day... 
Beckett and Memphis are moving into their new house!
It's close to us which makes my feet dance, and I am soooo excited for them, and all the new adventures ahead... but I won't say a tear drop doesn't fall every time I think about not seeing their cuteness every day when I come home for lunch, and after work and eating with them and praying with them before they go to sleep.
Meet Jeffrey.  He's Beckett's friend, has been there for him since birth, 
and he is very loved!

So loved his head and foot went flat, from giving up his fuzz to comfort his friend in times of need.

Fuzz, it's a friend too!

As a last ditch effort to make sure he knew how much Memaw loves him... I negotiated a deal to fix up Jeffery for his new bedroom.
So before he knew what he was getting into, he agreed to help me!

After not too much effort at all, and lots of help from his little fingers to get some new fuzz back into those tiny holes; and then stitched up any stretched out holes... he was looking like his old self again (with a little dirt and grime he picked up along the way... hey baby steps).
"Memaw I so happy"

"Oh B, I'm so happy too!"

Oh my love, I could cry he didn't just steal my heart, he melts my heart!!!!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Dinner with the Cameron's...

Sunday Night we had dinner with the Cameron's.
Dick, Heidi and her Father
They came back to our Ward to speak about their mission in Hawaii.
They had returned about 3 months ago, and it was so good to hear from them and the experiences they had that brought them and others closer to our Savior Jesus Christ.

They had always wanted to serve a mission and Heidi got really sick without a diagnosis as their youngest son left for his mission in Italy.  I remember they took her to the Temple with him before he left and she was in a wheelchair.  She got worse at times not able to move from her chair, not even to get to the bathroom, before they finally diagnosed her with lyme disease.  She fought her way back from near death for years and was able to watch her son return from his mission, marry and eventually have a baby.  All the while Dick by her side!! She gained strength at first only able to lift a tin can of beans up an inch bending her wrist, to eventually walking.  Through many miracles they found a window she was finally healthy enough to sell their family home to serve this mission!!

They came home and are taking care of both of their ailing/aging parents now.  We talked about how that is a service mission all in itself (sweet, tender and very sacred service)!!! I think when this mission is complete, I think they are hoping to build a home near the new Meridian Idaho Temple! Which if I could predict the future, would be a perfect place to find them on a next mission.

Heidi's Sister Kathy, is married to Jim's Uncle Tom (Jack's brother).
So they are Uncle Dick and Aunt Heidi to us!
They are the sweetest example of LOVE and SERVICE we could ever have!
We adore them to pieces and I am so happy I remembered to finally get this picture with them.

I hope we have many many more dinners with them in the future.
And trip to see them on the farm in Ontario is way overdue... 
I can't wait for our next visit!!!

Total Solar Eclipse 2017...

I remember the last eclipse when I lived in Washington... I would have been 14.
I remember being in school and we got to leave class and go outside to watch it.
I only remember how dark it got in the middle of the day.

This year during the eclipse... 
There was sooo much hype around our area.   
Totality was only about 30 min. from our house.
Predictions of people coming from all over!
The headlines read: 

"Solar eclipse 2017: Expect gridlock traffic to choke roads, highways ..."

That was enough to make me want to stay INSIDE!!

There were more than 10 people schedule off of work today... out of 35!
That was super weird.

They company purchased and donated glasses to a couple different local schools.
So we all got some for ourselves and our families... my boss is super cool that way!

So I worked through the Eclipse...
Since we didn't travel the 30 miles to see the total eclipse, it was only 99.3% here.  Still super cool, and you could get the affect.

But we all went outside to check it out!

I wasn't disappointed... it was pretty darn cool!!

(this is when it first started... the only shot I got... it was an accidental reflection)
I didn't remember how much cooler the air got during the eclipse....
it was almost cool enough to go grab a jacket!!

I think my very very very favorite part was that after it was over here in Idaho...
my brother texted me from South Carolina.
To share his experience!!

Here is a photo of the night lights coming on at his shop because it got so dark.

Totally made my day!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Happy Birthday Darleen...

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Darleen today!!

I took some visitors to wish her a Happy Birthday... and just knew Beckett would give her the best wishes because he is really into "happy birthday anything" right now, not limited to singing, cake, presents etc.

However, I think he was distracted by the tour of the back yard!
And the ROCKS...
He is his Papa's ROCK boy!!

He had so much fun wandering and touching all the rocks!!

And she picked him a cucumber right out of the garden!
I think she liked all the birthday wishes and love ♥
I know we sure did!!

Happy 88th Birthday Miss Darleen.

Fall Bucket List

Home Decor
Caramel Apple Cinnamon Scentsy
bacon day (sat before labor day)
go on a nature hike
wear boots, jeans and sweaters
make apple cider
Taco Day Oct 4th
make pumpkin bread
fall photo shoot
make something fleece
Create a new fall playlist
attend a high school football game
bake a pie
go to the pumpkin patch
sip pumpkin chai herbal tea
go on a bike ride
snuggle under favorite blanket and read a pioneer woman magazine by the fire
go to the library
toasted marshmallow syrup in anything
kiss in the rain
put away summer clothes
go to the church apple orchard
make caramel apple dip
rake leaves with my strong silent mysterious man for our neighbor
decorate sugar cookies with grandkids
make homemade chili
bubble bath
go window shopping at the mall
buy rain boots and teach Beckett how fun it is to jump in puddles
watch a sunset
find a new tv series to follow
have a popcorn movie night
make a leaf craft with Beckett
eat corn on the cob
tailgate with hot cocoa at a BSU football game

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Get Eclipsed... Totally!!

I love the company I work for!!!
They are so employee minded.
When they say team, they mean it!!!

My first day on the job last year landed on massage day!
They have a massage therapist come in about once every few months.

And EVERY month we have a company luncheon, that they pay for, and the employees take turns organizing it.
This month my department will be in charge.  So we all get to be part of the planning and organizing, if that's your thing.
We had carne asada and a pinata in May, grilled ribs in June, Turkey dinner in November... it's awesome!!!
They often have rewards and drawings for gift cards too!!

We are taking a Friday morning in September and going on a zipline tour for a team building activity!!!

Next Thursday they bought tickets for us to the local Rodeo's Buckaroo breakfast.  It's close enough for us to walk down and have breakfast and come back to work!!


Today we got an email that said the company bought these solar eclipse glasses to donate to the local schools.  And anyone who wants to help put the company "sponsered by" stickers on them... they will buy pizza for lunch today.
Win... win!!!

And there is a pair for each employee on the day of the Eclipse!!

I am so happy, I love this company and the people I get to work with everyday!!
Not just because of the perks and food... but the work is just in my niche and what I love to do; and something I am good at doing!!
It fits, and it has been a long time since something fit just right!!!