Sunday, February 22, 2015


Last week was a really tough week for me, I was diagnosed with Diabetes and Hypertension.
At first kind of a blow to the mind, but after sinking in a little I'm just ready to get educated and find out how to manage it and beat some of the terrible effects that can happen from living with these diseases.
I wanted my world to STOP so I could wrap my mind around what this meant for me and my family.  But of course that never happens!
So, life kept spinning around me and I had to keep functioning 
while I tried to begin to figure this out.
Work was busy to say the least.
Then there were new things I had to learn, on Tuesday there was a new surgical procedure I had never assisted with before...   and my mind was not absorbing what I needed to know.  I was terrified, but I seemed to muddled through it.
Then my coworker got sick and was out for a few days.
I thought I might implode from the pressure, but I survived.
I don't think I did anything very well all week, it was just survival mode and I could only keep putting one foot in front of the other.  I kept telling myself "Beth keep a smile on your face, YOU CAN DO THIS"!  My biggest cheering section had my back and I got some sweet texts to get me through the rough spots.  
We went to a late session at the Temple on Thursday, 
that always helps keep some perspective on challenges.
But I was numb, just almost unable to process anything else.
And finally Friday arrived.
I was exhausted!
My heart was heavy.
I had hope looking forward to our Stake Conference this weekend that I would be able to fill my spiritual cup.  That always helps, I always walk away from Conference with renewed vision.

My Strong Silent Mysterious Man took me to eat so I wouldn't have to cook, and we had a quiet bite together and talked about our meetings for the weekend.  On Saturday at 10am was the Stake Womens conference, then 4pm was his leadership meeting, 7pm we could go together to the adult session and then Sunday we were singing in the stake choir.  The next two days were going to be full.  About then he gets a call from his BFF and their family invited us to go out to Rome, Oregon with them. 
Our schedules going forward were getting more crazy, Jim would be working in Washington for 2 or 3 weeks in March, and the opportunity to get out and away would be far and few in between.  And he had been wanting to go for a few weeks and just couldn't get it worked out between responsibilities.

He was not sure it was a good idea to miss our meetings.  We both knew we should be there.
But we looked at each other and agreed we NEEDED this time together, off of the roller coaster we felt we had been riding for the past week.

It was the right thing for us to do.
We were up waaaaay before dawn Saturday morning, I think the alarm said 4am :)
We grabbed some snacks and water and loaded up a dog and were off.
It was a 3 1/2 hr drive out, but so very worth the trip.

We experienced so much in such a short time, but these are the highlights for me.

Of course the time with friends was super fun, and I love spending time with their family anytime we can get!!  I'll just say they are awesome and we both look up to them in so many ways.  
Love them to pieces!!!    
My strong silent mysterious man's list of highlights would include his "finds"... which is what keeps him going, but this is not his journal now is it?

One of my favorite moments was watching the sun come up,
 I forgot how very spiritual that was for me.  
Mostly because its been a long time since I have beaten it up!!

Watching Jim in his element is really special for me too.

When I left the green mountainous terrain of western Washington, with the evergreen trees and lush mossy forests to live in the dessert, I had to convince myself that God's beauty is all around and very different, but all does have it's own beauty.  And I too have come to love some of the beauty of the dessert.  I think I have even uttered the words that I wanted to find a juniper to take home with me and "bonsai".  
I know, I really can't believe I want a dried up dead looking plant either... hey it just takes over.

I find myself trying to imagine how the Indians would have lived here.
I try to imagine if I would have been a good Indian wife?
That cave on the side of the hill looked more like where I would have camped out for sure.
Jim was convinced we should camp down by the river.
You can see who is the dreamer and who is practical in the companionship.
(what's funny is this principle flips back and forth, depending on the topic... 
hahaha, God knew we needed each other)

I have no idea how this rock got this big hole in it, but I kept thinking if I had to set up a kitchen out here... this might come in handy to mix up something to eat.
Juniper berry soup anyone?

I am the youngest in my family, "the baby" and my siblings have always been very protective of me... I grew up always wanting to prove to them, that I could do it my self!  But then looking over my shoulder to make sure they were still there to catch me when I fell.

I think I still kind of have those expectations in relationships.  I want Jim to be my protector and help me and be attentive to me in my weaknesses, but all the while trying to prove to him I am strong and courageous and can accomplish anything!!

The first draw we hiked down a long way, even Taylors tongue was hanging out and it was not super easy walking, lots of rocks and ankle twisters, and not very flat.  Every hill we came up over, and every corner we turned, there just seemed to be another hill and another corner.
Not wanting to be lost and wandering the wilderness the rest of my life, if I get too far from the jeep I am feeling like we need to turn back soon, all the time.
But not wanting to hold back my Strong Silent Mysterious Man I try to suck it up and enjoy the time.  That's why I take my camera.  

In this I find great joy!
  He usually likes to go his way, and I find better camera shots in other directions.  The poor dog is just stuck running back and forth between us, wearing her little paws off, but absolutely love every minute of being outside!
But this time we kept closer this hike than we normally do.
We talked allot about so many things.
He was concerned and aware of how I was feeling and my energy and comfort.
He was protecting me, just like I love... and so attentive to me, SWEETNESS!!!!!!!
It was amazing!
Very sacred special time.

We decided to take a short cut out of that first draw, up and over the top of a ridge.
It was shorter, but felt straight up!!
This is where I got to prove I can do hard things!
I was winded, but I made it out.  Woo hoo!!
I'm always stronger than I think - note to self when things get hard.
You got this!!!
(it doesn't help that Taylor is the happiest, best motivator of all times... I totally heart dogs for this... who would not want to follow her cuteness up the hill to safety?  Lassie's got nothing on her)

We had cold, we had sunshine, we had snow and rain!

And I decided I would NOT really make a great Indian bride, 
unless my guy had a nice warm dry jeep I could go get 
out of the weather take a nap and have some snacks.
But I am very grateful to be married to someone I love so much!
And to share in all these wonderful adventures.
We did make it back for the adult session of our Stake Conference, and sang in the choir for the Sunday session... and over the past two days we have filled our cups in more ways than one.

A good time was had by all!!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Good mail

It just helps to know someone understands!  

"Never try to load the dishwasher during PMS"

And cares!
❤️ Thanks Sis ❤️

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Family time together.

I can't remember what the mana bears were celebrating but it was high five worthy and had had to do with the lengths they would go to protect their children I'm sure of it!  Love them!!
Haha checking out "the rock"!


Some photos from mama and papas I wanted to remember. 
Some of my grandmothers siblings. There were 16 total. 
Mama and papa. 
The patriarch!
Mama age 14. "Sausage curls" were made by rolling her hair around socks. 
50th wedding anniversary in 1993. 
Mama and her little sister Mary. 
It's hard to express how much I miss her already. But I'm so very grateful to know she and papa can be together forever. 

The market

We ventured out on the hunt for boiled peanuts, and found a little open market. They had boiled peanuts and much much more. 
Actually the phrase "you might be a redneck" if this is in your shopping cart came to mind more than a few times!

And of course I got a bag of boiled peanuts. 4 pounds to be exact!
They were sooooo yummy!